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The photos in this gallery were taken during a Massachusetts Audubon Society Birding Class Trip to Cape Ann that was led by John Liller. Stop on the trip included Halibut Point, Andrew's Point and the State Fish Pier in Gloucester.
King Eider with Common EiderKing Eider with Common EiderHarlequin DucksAmerican Black DuckWhite-winged Scouter with Common EiderPurple SandpiperPurple SandpiperPurple SandpiperPurple SandpiperRed-breasted MerganserBuffleheadHorned GrebeHorned GrebeHorned GrebeHorned GrebeHorned GrebeRed-breasted MerganserCommon Loon (Gavia immer), winter plumageCommon EiderCommon Eider