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The photos in this gallery chronicle a Massachusetts Audubon Society Birding Class Trip to Mount Greylock that was led by Mark Lynch. Most are record shots although just seeing the scenery on the way to the summit plus brief looks at the Mourning Warbler made the trip well worthwhile.
WildflowerLacewingEastern TowheeScorpionflyMillipedeChestnut-sided WarblerRuby-throated HummingbirdMourning WarblerMourning WarblerMourning WarblerMorning Cloak ButterflyCedar WaxwingGrasshopper Sp.PinxsterDusted Skipper (Butterfly)Spring Azure ButterflyOrchid Sp.Mark Lynch IDs unusual plants growing along the roadMountain CranberryBlack-billed Cuckoo