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Taken on Friday 06/13/2008 during a morning outing with Barry Van Dusen ( along the power lines off Centech Blvd in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, and at the nearby Nelson Pond in Grafton. We were both surprised by the great habitat in this area and look forward to a follow-on trip during the fall migration.
Indigo BuntingIndigo BuntingPrairie WarblerEastern Pondhawk Dragonfly, femaleEastern Pondhawk Dragonfly, femaleBlue Dasher Dragonfly (Pachydiplax longipennis), maleYellow WarblerYellow WarblerTwelve-spotted DragonflyTwelve-spotted DragonflyMale Red-winged BlackbirdYellow WarblerYellow WarblerYellow WarblerYellow WarblerYellow WarblerOspreyOsprey Carrying Nesting MaterialOsprey Carrying Nesting MaterialOsprey Nest with 2 Young