Bruce deGraaf | 2015/07/12 Westboro WMA
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Taken during a Massachusetts Butterfly Club trip to the Westboro Wildlife Management Area (WMA), covering locations in Westboro and Northboro, Massachusetts
Appalachian Brown Butterfly (Satyrodes appalachia)Appalachian Brown Butterfly (Satyrodes appalachia)Appalachian Brown (Satyrodes appalachia) ButterflyBanded Hairstreak (Satyrium calanus)Broad-winged Skipper Butterfly (Poanes viator)Broad-winged Skipper Butterfly (Poanes viator)Broad-winged Skipper Butterfly (Poanes viator)Dun Skipper (Euphyes vestris)Dun Skipper (Euphyes vestris)Dun Skipper (Euphyes vestris)Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma)Eyed Brown Butterfly (Satyrodes eurydice), ventral viewGray hairstreak (Strymon melinus)Gray hairstreak (Strymon melinus)Gray hairstreak (Strymon melinus)Little Glassywing Skipper (Pompeius verna)Little Wood Satyr (Megisto cymela), dorsal viewLittle Wood Satyr (Megisto cymela), ventral viewMulberry Wing (Poanes massasoit)Mulberry Wing (Poanes massasoit)