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The photos in this gallery were taken on a Massachusetts Audubon Society Birding Class trip to the Newburyport area. The trip was led by John Liller. We visited the Buck/Kent/High Street area to track down the Varied Thrush that was reported on Friday, without luck, but picked up a nice flock of Cedar Waxwings. We then proceeded on to Cashman Park, the Waste Treatment Plant, and Salisbury Beach. John had to leave about 1:00 but Tom Sayers, his son Ryan and I stated on to see the Eagles at Chain Bridge and then back to Salisbury Beach for another try for the Short-eared Owls, this time with success.
Cedar WaxwingsCedar WaxwingsCommon GoldeneyeCommon GoldeneyeRing-billed GullMallardIceland Gull with Herring and Ring-billed GullsRing-billed GullNorthern HarrierRing-billed GullFoxAmerican Tree SparrowAmerican Tree SparrowGreat CormorantCommon MerganserImmature Great CormorantGreat CormorantRed-breasted MerganserBald EagleBald Eagle Food Fight