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A beautiful mid June day with the hope of photographing Piping Plovers at Sandy Point brought me to Plum Island. The birds were somewhat shy but generally cooperative as I stood outside their roped off breeding areas as the young birds sometimes ran outside their protect area to the shore. Least Terns, Laughing Gulls and others were also present.

On my way out, I stopped at Hellcat and the Salt Pannes on the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and found Blue-winged Teal, Gadwall, Willet, and Great and Snowy Egrets.
Eastern TowheeBonaparte's GullBonaparte's GullBonaparte's GullHerring GullBonaparte's GullBonaparte's GullRinged-bill GullSnowy EgretSnowy EgretRinged-bill GullPiping PloverPiping PloverPiping PloverPiping PloverPiping PloverLeast TernLeast TernPiping PloverPiping Plover