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The photos in this gallery were taken at Belle Isle Marsh in Boston and Withrop Beach in Winthrop, Massachusetts. Thanks to Soheil Zendeh for his excellent showing me around these excellent birding locations.
Lesser YellowlegsSnowy EgretsLYLesser YellowlegsLesser YellowlegsAmerican Oystercatchers LandingBlack-bellied Plovers & American Oystercatchers Fleeing to the 3rd SisterBlack-bellied Plovers in FlightImmature Semipalmated SandpiperImmature Semipalmated SandpiperImmature Semipalmated ... not a Piping PloverImmature Semipalmated ...  not a Piping PloverSanderlingImmature Semipalmated PloversAmerican OystercatchersHerring Gull LandingPeregrine FalconSnowy & Great Egrets gathered for a group photoLeast Sandpiper