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The photos in this gallery were taken on one of my first birding trip to the Newburyport area. The trip included stops at Scottland Road, the Waste Treatment Plant and Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island. The trip was led by Ian Lynch.
Least SandpiperLeast SandpiperSemipalmated Plover with Semipalmated SandpipersGreater Yellowlegs with White-rumped SandpipersGlossy Ibis (life birds at the time)Lesser & Greater YellowlegsSemipalmated SandpiperGreater YellowlegsGreater YellowlegsGreater YellowlegsBonapart's GullSemipalmated PloverSemipalmated PloverSemipalmated PloverBlack-bellied PloverBlack-bellied Plover with a Herring GullBirdersIan LynchPauline MetrasTom Sayers